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American Orient Express


The New York Obervation Car The New York Railcar – Observation Lounge
The New York observation lounge is an all-time favorite among American Orient Express travelers and an area where relaxation, luxury and conversation are savored. Nicknamed “the Lookout Lounge”, the New York provides a circular, large bay window and luxurious interiors such as plush upholstered chairs and sofas, swiveled rockers and slender tables for writing, games and more. This car also offers a full service bar. Known as the ideal place for exploring the countryside, spending time with that special someone and making new friends, the New York observation lounge offers romance and adventure to travelers.

The Copper Canyon Dome Car The Copper Canyon Railcar– Great Dome Lounge
The Copper Canyon great dome lounge offers an upper-level, glass-enclosed dome which provides travelers with a 360° viewing area for a truly unique viewing experience. The lounge is an excellent area for socializing and taking in the natural beauty of the region. This car offers upholstered sofas, chairs, booths and tables. The Copper Canyon lounge is also equipped with a bar and a library.

The Zurich Dining Car The Zurich Railcar (Diner)
The Zurich is a full service, luxury dining car that provides elegant table placement with ever-changing views. The dining car has been a timeless favorite among rail travelers and boasts an intimate and romantic dining atmosphere.

A Grand Suite Sleeper Cars
The American Orient Express sleeping quarters are decorated with with mahogany paneling, rich fabrics and elegant furnishings. Each state room delivers first-class accommodations creating a personal oasis for guests as they glide down the rails. From Grand Suites to single cabins, the American Orient Express sleeper cars deliver supreme comfort to the sophisticated traveler.

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